Shanghai ranking: 4 French universities stay in the best 100

the crucial Paris-Saclay, PSL and Sorbonne University are losing sites, but continue being in the top rated 50 of the very best universities in the planet, according to the 2022 edition of the Shanghai rating.

4 French universities remain in the top 100 of the Shanghai rating, regardless of some lost areas. Unveiled on Monday, the Shanghai ranking establishes the 1000 very best factories in the planet. As in previous decades, it is the American universities that occupy the initial put in the position: Harvard, Stanford, MIT. In overall, eight American and two British universities occupy the prime 10.

In France, the College of Paris-Saclay is ranked 16th, down by 3 sites compared to 2021. The other universities, all in the Paris region, are respectively in 40th place (University of Sciences and Arts - PSL ), 43rd (Sorbonne College) and 78th posture (Paris Cité College).

28 of the 74 French universities in the rating

Created in 2003 by the Chinese Jiao Tong University, the checklist is primarily based on 6 standards: the amount of former college students who have received a Nobel Prize or Fields Medal (10% of the overall rating), the number of instructor-scientists with a Nobel Prize or Fields Medal (20%), the number of hugely cited researchers (20%), the selection of content revealed in journals Nature et Science (20%), the number of posts indexed in Expanded Scientific Citation Index et Social Science Quotation Index (20%) and the academic performance of teachers, applying the 5 earlier indicators divided by the amount of long term teachers-researchers (10%).

In full, 28 and of the 74 French universities surface in the position, which picked 2,500 establishments to choose the most effective 1,000 dependent on The planet. We come across in distinct Aix-Marseille, Grenoble-Alpes and Strasbourg, Montpellier, Claude Bernard-Lyon-I, Toulouse-III-Paul Sabatier, Bordeaux and Lorraine.