Surreal scene after Chelsea-Tottenham: the handshake between Conte and Tuchel turns into a general fight (VIDEO)

Chelsea and Tottenham left back to back this Sunday at the end of the afternoon with the score of 2-2. But the spectacle was not only on the field but also on the benches. The boiling Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel were indeed strongly scarred during and after the meeting. In the 70th minute, the referee of the meeting warned them both after an initial scuffle between the two men.

But it was at the final whistle that the situation degenerated between the two men. When shaking hands, Conte and Tuchel exchanged sweet words again before coming to blows. The German would have criticized his Italian counterpart for not looking him in the eye when shaking his hand, which would have set fire to the powder. Quickly, many players and members of the two respective staffs came to join the fight between the two men.

A scandalous scene which should undoubtedly be worth a heavy suspension to the two men.