Susan Villanueva launches a strong revelation about Yessenia Villanueva and she explodes: “I have to try it!” VIDEO Farandula | SHOWS

TREMENDOUS BRONCA! The daughters of 'Melcochita', Susan and Yessenia Villanueva, starred in a strong moment on TV. During an interview with Magaly Medina, a strong revelation was released about the minor of the Salser clan.

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"I want to take her to the doctor, here are treatments so she can be cured, here are free treatments (What disease does your sister have?) She has HIV (HIV: human immunodeficiency virus)", he expressed

Magaly Medina was surprised and chose not to question more about personal issues.

Yessenia Villanueva explodes against Susan: "I have to try it!"

The strong revelation about Yessenia's alleged illness caused her to respond and challenge her sister to prove what was said.

Susan Villanueva launches a strong revelation about Yessenia and she explodes: "I have to try it!"

"My sister has touched on a very private subject and I want her to try it. She is saying it publicly and she had to prove it to me”he said.


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