THE "DID YOU KNOW" OF THE Working day. Do you know which fireworks scare no one particular?

How to reconcile a moment of preferred jubilation and the defense of persons and character? The issue should really occur for each and every community, this kind of as Thionville or Metz, which celebrates July 14 or yet another occasion, but also for organizations and men and women on the event of an inauguration, a marriage, a birthday. All the much more reason now that almost everything is an justification to unleash fireworks!

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Multicolored and virtually silent

Italy has discovered the solution to keep away from terrifying younger children and observing dogs running absent from their guardians' residences and panicked horses working absent from their parks. In the province of Parma, the municipality of Collecchio, just to title just one, presents its populace silent and multicolored fireworks like those people that backfire.

In France there are also illustrations of gurus who have mirrored on the subject matter. Sorry for resulting in dozens of birds to fall into the crowds in Toulouse in 2015, a pyrotechnic is now accustoming winged folks to the noise and light step by step as through a thunderstorm, according to Reporterre's each day ecology. As a substitute of letting the dust discuss, a start off-up, Rammaxx , also innovates many thanks to electric flares composed of coloured light bulbs that we recover following the show (supply Europa 1). With no squander, the sound and light clearly show will be even extra gorgeous!