The dormitory of "Transfer Love 2" is too dirty!The kitchen waste has been placed for several days, "flies fly over the screen", the net is dumbfounded | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / Comprehensive Report

The first season of Han Zong's "Transfer to Love" will be broadcast in 2021 and will be widely loved by the public. The second season will be launched in July this year. However, apart from the sudden withdrawal of the highly discussed member Cui Yixian, the audience has recently been dissatisfied with "hygiene problems". And began to become a little disgusted, set off a heated discussion on the Korean net.

▲ The audience responded that "Transfer to Love 2" was too dirty. (Picture / Retrieved from instiz)

Korean netizens posted on the forum instiz on the 14th, "If I were the owner of "Transfer to Love 2", I would definitely explode." In the screenshots of the show, the members made a mess of the dormitory and did not clear the kitchen waste and garbage first. Under the circumstances, they went to bed separately, and there were also traces of garbage on the ground. What was even more amazing was that there were flies in the dormitory. Netizens specially captured the moving pictures to see that a fly flew over.

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▲ The girls' dressing room in "Transfer to Love 2" can be seen in confusion on the table. (Picture / Retrieved from instiz)

▲ "Transfer to Love 2" There is garbage in the living room whether it is on the table or on the floor. (Picture / Retrieved from instiz)

▲ The kitchen of "Transfer to Love 2" is also very messy, and there are flies in the red circle. (Picture / Retrieved from instiz)

▲ Netizens made a moving picture of the fly-over clip of "Transfer to Love 2". (Picture / taken from instiz)

Not only that, but Twitter netizens are also reacting to this incident, "The dormitory of "Transfer to Love 2" is really dirty", ""Transfer to Love 2" is so dirty, it's just a pig's nest", "" "Transfer to Love 2" "Transfer Love 2", please clean the dormitory, it's annoying to watch", "Why is "Transfer Love 2" so dirty? Male Zhengquan, if the second season is like this, there is a best way to make the relationship bloom, and the mushrooms will bloom first."

▲ Netizens responded. (Photo/Retrieved from instiz/Translated from "ETtoday Starlight Cloud")

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