The emotion of the new world champion Stoffel Vandoorne: "The best feeling of my life"

Superb feat signed Stoffel Vandoorne in Formula E! Subscriber to places of honor for long seasons, the Belgian finally managed to settle at the top of his discipline to grab his first world championship title. After the finish, it was obviously the emotion that predominated for the Mercedes driver.

"World champion, wow! It's the best feeling of my life. We knew how to be super constant and regular. The car was incredible, the team too, every member of the team deserves it. That's what we accomplished, it's really special," he explained.

Fair play, the Belgian took the opportunity to draw up a nice list of praise for his opponents, Mitch Evans on your mind : "He pushed me all season to surpass myself. He pushed me to the end in my entrenchments. But it was ultimately consistency that made the difference."

In very good shape (21 points ahead) before the last race, this Sunday morning in Seoul, vandoorne was he able to enjoy a bit in his car or was the pressure still too great? "It was hard to stay focused. The running speed at the end was amazing. I knew that Jake Dennis had 5 seconds penalty at the finish, so I had to stay focused and just make it to the finish to finish 2nd. It was an amazing day. I'm exhausted after this season, I produced a lot of effort