The latest list of the world's top ten most popular mobile games is released!The red and dark horse Stumble Guys is the first to win the championship-Free Electronic News 3C Technology

"Stumble Guys" by Kitka Games, a small Finnish development team, "falls cutely" and ranks first in the world's most popular mobile game downloads list. (Photo flipped on Google Play)

The list of the top ten popular games most popular with mobile game players around the world has set off a wave of small shuffling!

According to the research institute "SensorTowerThe latest report released by ” shows that in July this year, the two platforms of Google Play Store and Apple App Store received a total of 30.5 million installations and downloads worldwide. Funny", took the top spot on the list in one fell swoop as a dark horse, and its downloads surged 10 times compared to the same period in July last year.

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The gameplay of "Stumble Guys" is quite similar to Epic Games' "Jelly Bean", which is a free game for multiplayer parties.

(Photo flipped Sensor Tower)

The mobile games ranked second to tenth in the most popular downloads are as follows:
Subway Surfers Subway Surfers
"Free Fire" desert island survival escape shooting game
"Ludo King" Multiplayer Battle Strategy Board Game
Candy Crush Saga
"Bridge Race" fun casual competitive game
Race Master 3D racing game
PUBG Mobile battle royale shooter
"Hair Tattoo" is a simulation business casual game with the theme of haircut and tattoo

In particular, "Stumble Guys", which was the first to top the global mobile game download list, "falls so cute". As of July this year, it has accumulated more than 163 million downloads worldwide.according toMobilegamer The report pointed out that the game was released in October 2020 and officially launched globally in January 2021.

However, until April this year, the number of downloads and game revenue began to show explosive growth, and in June, a record of 1.5 million players downloaded in a single day. In terms of revenue performance, the total revenue of the dual platforms in January this year was only about US$861,000 (about NT$2.581 million). With the continuous increase in downloads for several months, it hit a record of 660 yuan for Kitka Games in June. A new milestone in revenue of US$10,000 (approximately NT$197 million).

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