The lawyer who decided to help women get through the pain of separation

  • Mega Mohan
  • Gender and Identity Correspondent

3 hours ago

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Arunki Umami

The fact that the word "breakup" or "breakup" is referred to more than 21 million times on the social networking site Tik Tok indicates that a large number of people want to talk about it or receive advice about the pain they suffer when it occurs. No wonder, then, that there are people like Arunki Umami whose job it is to advise and advise these people to help them get through the experience.

In 1993, Arunki Umami was a 35-year-old trade attorney. Aronki witnessed something that changed her life.

She was in a court in the Nigerian capital, Lagos, but she was not litigating a case, but rather went to support her friend Mary (not her real name), whose parents were parties to a divorce case.

Mary's mother kept stretching her neck to look at her husband, who was sitting across the hall, trying to get his attention.