The page exploded! Chic girls become stars. Stop being silent again.

good morning monday On a working day like this, there must be some cool and delicious news for the page's children again. By this event, the page of Chom Phuak, Jay Moi 108, has opened up the issue of the entertainment industry who recently lurked quietly for another pair.

by Je Moi stated that

..Why do celebrities stop being so quiet nowadays?
A pair of chic girls is no exception.
It's really the breakup festival, mom...

At this event, all the page children have to scratch their heads a lot. ready to drop a hint The letters from the guess as follows:
- Is it true? Chic girls show that Ying + Ying, please don't be crooked with Pm.
- W/K?
- Gina couple with toys too, mom?
- Chic chic girl with four kings boys? When hinting that the chic-chic girl thought of this person first, but didn't know if it was right?
- Chic girls are both girls, right? If so, you know the answer.
- What's that and what's wrong?
- I can only think of this couple. Pop into your head, young lady.