The person accused of pedosexual actions drinks a bottle of liquid as he reads the verdict and dies Overseas

"When the verdict was becoming study, she drank a bottle of water that she experienced been with the attorney," lawyer Jamie Beck explained Friday. CNN. Edward Leclair was then experimented with on five counts of sexual abuse. "Our investigator saw him consuming the drinking water," Beck claimed. Nevertheless, in accordance to the law firm, the h2o seemed cloudy.

Leclair's lawyer also confirms that the guy experienced experienced a drink. “I looked all over and observed him drinking. His hand was shaking, I considered it was the verdict. He retained ingesting, ”Leclair's attorney Mike Howard reported NBC. Not very long after, after back again in his cell, Leclair experienced to vomit, after which aid was referred to as. Leclair was taken away in an ambulance. In the conclude, Leclair did not survive. An autopsy was carried out, but result in of death is unfamiliar at this time.