The renowned woman walrus Freya was euthanized in Norway

Freya, spotted here, lying comfortably in the sun on a rock
Freya, witnessed listed here, lying easily in the sunlight on a rock Image: picture / address pictures / David Johnstone

Walrus girl Freya was not only a serious star in Norway, but she was also a true movie star across Europe. She is now dead. For basic safety good reasons, the animal was euthanized in excess of the weekend.

The final decision of the authorities aroused terrific indignation. Freya was regarded as a summer attraction, continuously rising from the water in front of the Norwegian funds Oslo in recent months. The 600-pound woman walrus did not appear to be hazardous and captivated a whole lot of interest with repeated appearances of her.

sadness and indignation at the killing

There was a hail of sweet pics and video clips of the effective girl on the World wide web, who for some rationale apparently sought closeness to people and was animal helpful at the exact same time. Now fans on Twitter and Co. are mourning Freya. "Horrible and unforgivable," she tells herself, among the other items.

In memory of #Freia - the wandering walrus who honored us here in Shetland last winter.

MURDER these days by the Directorate of Fisheries in #Norway mainly because it was perceived as a "continuing threat to human protection".

Aberrant and unforgivable at all concentrations.

- Hugh Harrop Wildlife (@HughHarrop) August 14, 2022

"Human safety" was additional critical

An official assertion from the Directorate of Fisheries states: "We have evaluated all feasible options. Walruses are wild, guarded and Pink Checklist animals. This suggests that killing is the last alternative."

Nevertheless, human safety arrived 1st. The conclusion was manufactured "on the foundation of a world-wide evaluation of the ongoing danger to human stability," said the head of the Norwegian fisheries authority, Frank Bakke-Jensen. "We have concluded that we can not warranty the welfare of the animal by any suggests offered."