They recreate Metal Gear Solid to be able to play in virtual reality and return to Shadow Moses from another perspective

It was what Metal Gear Solid was missing and just what we needed. A modder named Boneworks has achieved the feat of turning the PS1 classic into a virtual reality title. A fabulous adaptation that allows us revisit Shadow Moses from another perspective.

In this recreation of Hideo Kojima's work we can choose to play the models of Solid Snake or Gray Fox, which will allow us to carry the Socom or the katanas, both weapons with the original sounds extracted. We can go through four maps right now, including the heliport and the hangar where the tank is.


Genome Soldiers are also found patrolling the stage and to use the elevators we have to actually press the buttons. Of course, we will have to get the unforgettable cards in order to progress through the different zones, although as of now Boneworks defines the experience as a walk through a museum.

However, the mod will be progressively expanded over time to add more features. As of now, Kazuki Muraoka's original vocals and music are already included.