Top 5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

When you buy a new Windows PC, you will get a trial version of the Microsoft Office suite of software. This package expires after a short period. Then you will have two options. Either you pay to buy a new copy, or you use a pirated copy. A pirated version of computer software can put you at risk if it contains malware or spyware. It can cause legal problems because it is illegal. What many people don't know is that they have a third option, which is to use one of the free alternatives, some of which offer great features almost the same as the paid versions of Microsoft Office. I was amazed when I did a search on the Internet for free alternatives to Microsoft Office, I found a large number of options available, I will not mention them all in this article, I will only mention the famous and advanced alternatives. I divided these alternatives into two types, the first type is the programs that must be downloaded on

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