US Authorities Evaluate Resume Activities Partially in May, Trump Retweeted Message Against Fauci | Univision Salud News

▶ ️ In the US there are more than 557,000 infections and more than 22,000 deaths.

▶ ️ In the world there are more than 1,850,000 infected confirmed and exceeded the figure of 114,000 dead.

▶ ️ All US states are in emergency for the first time in history due to the coronavirus and the governors asked Congress for $ 500,000 million to respond to the pandemic.

▶ ️ Doctor Fauci assured that some parts of the country could resume their economic activities in May, in a gradual and monitored process.

▶ ️ The President Trump retweeted a message with a label promoting the firing of Dr. Fauci after the expert told CNN that a faster federal response "could have saved lives."

▶ ️ The FDA authorized the decontamination of approximately 4 million N95 masks so that they can be reused by the health person.

▶ ️ Members of the OPEC agreed to reduce oil production by 9.7 million barrels as of May 1, in the face of a pandemic crisis.

▶ ️ British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was released from the hospital where he spent a week on covid-19.

▶ ️ The IRS started sending the first aid checks And additional aid will also start reaching California's unemployed.

▶ ️ A practical guide against the coronavirus: ✔️ Who to call if you have symptoms? ✔️ Will it cost you money to get tested for the virus?