Want wireless CarPlay or Android Auto? You need this device

If you have one Android or IOS smartphone and a car compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay today we have something that interests you. We've found a gadget you probably didn't know existed and it can make your life a whole lot easier. Have you ever dreamed that Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are wireless systems? With Ottocast you can achieve it!

Ottocast is a brand that manufactures adapters for have Android Auto or wireless CarPlay to almost any car and any smartphone. If you use these systems in your car, you must take a look at their star product: the Ottocast U2-X.

How to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay without wires

The Ottocast U2-X has a very simple goal: that you can get into the car and Android Auto or CarPlay connect properly instant and wireless. Until now, to be able to use these systems, you had to get into the car, start it and plug your mobile into the car's USB socket.

With this type of adapter everything is simpler. They just need a simple initial setup to work properly and then you're good to go forget about cables. When you get into the car, your mobile phone will instantly connect to the i will play Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on your car screen. all without wires and, if you want, without taking it out of your pocket.

The Ottocast U2-X has one compact size and must always remain connected to the vehicle. They are included in the box two cables: USB A to USBC and USB C to USB C. The device has a USB C connection and the rest is for connecting it to the car, so it can be USB A or USB C.

The transmission is instantaneous and without the need to perform any extra action: just start the car for everything to connect and start working. Besides, there is no lag or slowdown: will work as usual.

Which cars is Ottocast compatible with?

The model we are talking about today is compatible with more than 600 cars of different brands and with almost all smartphones on the market. It has only one small drawback: it is not compatible with BMW cars. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about anything - it will most likely work in your car and on your mobile.

The requirements for your mobile are the following: have IOS 10, Android 11 or higher systems. Also, Ottocast includes some Pixel and Samsung models that can skip this OS requirement. You have the complete list on their website.

How much does it cost to have Android Auto or CarPlay without wires?

If you want Android Auto or CarPlay without wires you should know that there are not many brands that make this kind of accessories. Ottocast is one of the best when it comes to value for money.

  • Ottocast U2-X - 145.63 euros – 125.63 euros
    • Code -20 euros: OTTOCAST20

If you buy it with the discount code indicated above you can get a 20 euro discount on your purchase. It's a good accessory if you already have the typical tech products. It is also a perfect gift for your partner or Christmas.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay they are very interesting systems to use in car screens, although most brands do not include the shape system Wireless. Now, for just over 100 euros you can fix it and improve the user experience with both systems.