What Is a Conference Call?

A conference call is a telephone call where the called party can listen and participate in the call. A conference call is also known as an ATC, or audio-teleconferencing call. In many instances, this type of call is used for business-to-business communications. Some of the most important functions of a conference call are discussed below. Let's get started. Read on to learn more. *Dial-in numbers: How do they work?

Dial-in numbers

Custom dial-in numbers are a great option for many reasons. Custom numbers allow you to suppress standard system announcements and disable keypad commands for callers. You can also link a dial-in number to a specific conference bridge, so that callers don't have to enter their Conference ID code each time they try to join a meeting. This customization is standard with TurboBridge and offers even more flexibility. If you have a special call for a guest Host, you can provide a separate dial-in number for them to join the meeting. It will save them time and keystrokes.

Attendee name announcement

When a conference call is being organized, one way to keep participants from getting confused is to announce everyone's name before the start of the meeting. This will help to prevent the arrival of mystery callers or other participants who may not be invited to the call. Depending on the conference call platform, the host can choose to play a name announcement to the group privately or publicly. Regardless of how you do it, the name announcement will keep everyone on time and on topic.

Talk/Listen Mode

When you host a conference call, you can select between two modes: talk and listen. In talk mode, conference participants can speak freely while the other person listens to what is being said. This type of conference call allows up to 50 people to participate. This mode is ideal for open discussions. A talk/listen conference call is similar to a telephone conference or an audio conference. To make a conference call, you must use a conference call service.

Un-muting of conference caller's audio

You can make a conference call more productive by avoiding background noise. To achieve this, mute your phone line. When muting your phone, you should carefully listen to hear what other people are saying. If there is static or echo, then you've muted your phone line. Similarly, cordless phones often cause echo on conference calls. To avoid this, mute your phone line first.

Cost of a conference call

The cost of a conference call varies widely. For example, a 1-hour conference call with eight participants can cost up to $290. Some companies offer free conference calls. If there are only a few participants, the cost of the conference call can be much lower, especially if it is scheduled in advance. However, if you expect a lot of attendees, you should check out the service's pricing. There are several options for you to choose from, including reservationless, automated, and high-volume.