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Without a doubt, one of the most beloved characters on the big screen is Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean", whose characteristic walk and fondness for rum became his hallmark throughout the franchise; because of this, many thought that Johnny Depp, the actor who played it, was shooting the movies drunk. Disney executives themselves even went so far as to ask him if he was drunk after seeing the movement of his hands, his staggering when walking and the way he acted in general.

Although worry gripped everyone, the Hollywood star was the least affected as everything was going as planned; and if he actually took alcoholic beverages to make his movements more natural, only he knew. However, to clarify all kinds of doubts, he was encouraged to explain his truth.

Jack Sparrow was fond of rum in "Pirates of the Caribbean" (Photo: Disney)


If there is something we cannot forget the Captain Jack Sparrow is that he almost always preferred to see the world "through the bottom of a rum glass"; that is, taking a bottle of his favorite liquor. This led many to think that our beloved character was drunk all along, as was notoriously reflected in the way he walked.

The truth is that his peculiar way of mobilizing had another reason totally different and away from alcohol. which one His love for the sea.

In an interview with collider, Johnny Depp revealed how he created the character from scratch and the features he would give him. This happened while I was in a sauna. "I was looking at various aspects of the character and thought that this guy has been at sea most of his life and therefore has been dealing with an inescapable heat on the brain"he said.

After that, he raised the temperature of the sauna and sat until the heat began to affect the brain. “While you're in here in this kind of heat you can't sit still, but the worst thing is that if you move, it kills you. This gave me the idea that his brain has been brainwashed to some extent. Also in terms of his body language, I felt that when he was on the ship he would be fine as the ship would be jumping away. It would have sea legs, but when it reaches land it cannot have land legs”the actor pointed out.

In other words, having been on the high seas for so long affected the body movements of Captain Jack Sparrow, that when he was on a ship he could dodge the waves like nothing, but he didn't even set foot on dry land because he wasn't used to it.

His peculiar walk made Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" unique (Photo: Disney)


Although the film producer was also convinced of his creation for Jack Sparrow, staggering in his walk, Disney did not agree; since, in the original script, his character was a swordsman: “a pirate who swings around, fights a bit and then swings around, gets a girl and that's it. I had different ideas for him".

Although the discomfort of the executives was obvious, Depp did not give his arm to twist. And he suggested to them that if they weren't happy with him, they could fire him and replace him because he wasn't going to change him.

“I believed in what I had built, I believed in the character wholeheartedly, and I felt he was right. Every time they complained, and I could see the writers saying, 'That's not in the script, that's not in the script!' with worried faces. It actually gave me fuel to go further”he indicated in the interview he saw in October 2018.

In "Pirates of the Caribbean", Jack Sparrow could mobilize with complete normality when he was on the high seas (Photo: Disney)