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dietary supplements are like sand on the sea. You can not only buy them in pharmacies, but now also in every drugstore. But when are preparations such as vitamin D really useful and what about children in particular?

That's how important vitamin D is

Vitamin D so clearly takes one special position because it is a vitamin that can only be ingested to a small extent through food and is rather produced by the body itself. It's incredibly important because it's on our bone metabolism is involved. It promotes the absorption of phosphate and calcium from the intestine and also the subsequent incorporation into the bones. But not only that. Vitamin D also controls many other things metabolic processes and is also involved in the formation of proteins.

Vitamin D will also "sun vitamin". There is a reason for that. Our body produces a large part of it with the help of sunlight. It is therefore also crucial to go out into the fresh air regularly and literally let the sun shine on your face. The whole thing is also called UVB light exposure, i.e. the exposure of the skin to sunlight.

How quickly and how much vitamin D is absorbed depends heavily on the country, region and weather conditions prevailing there. In addition, the season also plays an important role, since the solar radiation varies depending on the season Spring, summer, autumn and winter changes. That's why it's very easy here in Germany to cover our daily vitamin D requirement in summer, but it's not that easy in winter.

Do children need extra vitamin D?

In general, healthy and need Active adults do not take any vitamin D supplements. If you go outside regularly and eat healthily, you usually don't have to worry. The situation is different for older people who absorb less vitamin D. Also it behaves with children definitely different. Especially newborn have to in Germany extra Vitamin D get administered. This is mainly due to the fact that babies should not be exposed to the blazing sun and generally should not be exposed to sunlight for too long.

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have on top of that newborn one in the first year increased need for vitamin D, to build and strengthen bones. Even in the second year of life, it still makes sense to give vitamin D in the form of tablets during the winter months. In general, the so-called screening tests (U1 to U9) pointed out by the pediatrician in the first months and years of life and the concrete dosage definitely.

Generally it is indispensablethat you are well informed and get advice, since an exact dosage of food supplements contributes to the health of your child. Therefore it is not useful to look up any dosage information on the Internetbut only to be determined by the doctor.

This is what happens with too much or too little vitamin D

An exact dosage is included dietary supplements always the decisive point in order not to endanger your own health. Therefore, an intake of preparations only makes sense thenalbeit one deficiency in the body consists. You can do this with one blood test easily verified and determined. For example, in children, a Vitamin D overdose have serious consequences. The blood values ​​can deteriorate drastically and thus harm the development of the child. In the worst case, it can even be too signs of intoxication such as headaches, nausea and vomiting.

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With a clear one Vitamin D Deficiency it can in turn lead to children having a rickets to get. this is a bone softening, which causes the bones to bend slightly. This in turn can lead to a curvature of the spine and bending of the leg bones to lead.

In these cases, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. With a corresponding Adjustment of the vitamin D value and one healthy diet you can remedy both an overdose and a deficiency. It is best, however, not to let it get that far in the first place and to let your child participate right from birth to supply vitamin D.

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