What to Look for in a Conference Call

conference call

A conference call is a telephone conversation that enables more than one person to participate in the call. This type of call is sometimes referred to as an ATC or audio-teleconference call. In this article, we'll discuss what to look for in a conference call and how to choose the right service. If you're planning a business-related conference call, these tips should be helpful. But remember to do some research before committing to using a particular service.


The per-minute rate of a conference call is falling, as more companies use the technology for their business meetings. Once an expensive luxury, conference calls are now more often initiated by the callers themselves. Although operators still play an important role, most callers are now initiating the calls themselves. Automated calls are priced a dime per minute, while operator-assisted calls are charged a quarter-minute rate. Andrew reports that 80 percent of his conference calls are employees talking to each other.

Dial-in numbers

The use of dial-in numbers for conference calls has many benefits. First of all, these numbers enable participants to join the meeting as if they were in the same room. These numbers can be used in web conferences as well as dial-in only calls. These dedicated numbers are usually 800 or local phone numbers, but they can also be international. An international dial-in number looks like an ordinary international phone number, complete with country code. This feature allows you to participate in international conferences without incurring expensive long-distance charges.

Attendee Code

When you join a conference call, it is vital to know the Attendee Code. This 10-digit code will allow callers to access the call. These codes are typically between four and seven digits, and are used for both moderated and ad hoc calls. They act like a key to a conference room. Whether you are a moderator or a participant, you should always know the Attendee Code for conference call.

Question-and-Answer Mode

The question-and-answer mode on a conference call is a unique feature that lets participants ask and answer questions during the call. A conference host can initiate the Q&A mode by pressing *72. When a question is asked, the host or controller will hear the tone and will rejoin the call. After the tone, the caller will hear "Please ask your question." Once the question is asked, the host or controller will answer it. When the caller is finished asking and answering questions, the speaker will switch back to listen-only mode.

Audio degradation

Poor audio quality during conference calls makes these sessions almost pointless. Even if a device has decent speakers, audio degradation may affect people further away. For example, meeting rooms have large screens against walls, and those people who are closest to the screen will experience good sound quality. Likewise, poor audio quality can hurt a business's reputation. A VoIP application can help to remedy this problem. Here are the most common causes and how to fix them.