WhatsApp will allow greater control over who enters groups | Lifestyle

The messaging app How are you it continues with its tendency to add new improvements constantly, even if these are not of particular importance. A good policy to show users that you are always working to move forward. A new change has been made known that is in preparation and will be good for groups.

The objective, once again, is to provide administrators with tools that allow them to have a much more specific - and extensive - control of what happens to the groups that they manage. And this time, the improvement has to do with something that is vital to the proper functioning of these: the people inside to be able to communicate with all the other users. And, note, that this is of paramount importance to avoid bad rolls.

What WhatsApp for Groups is working on

Administrators will maintain the ability to add new users to the groups at the moment they consider it appropriate, and we must not forget that the number of people who can exercise this function at the same time will be expanded. But when sharing a referral link, until now the only thing you could do to prevent someone unwanted from being part of a group was to make them an active member. And then expel him. And that is what will change.

The fact is that a new configuration can be established that will make those who want to enter and have not been added directly by an administrator of a WhatsApp group, have to wait for your entry to be accepted. In other words, they will stay in a waiting room until it is confirmed that they can be new members of the group in question. This already exists in other messaging services, and it's excellent news for the Meta-owned company because a group can be made much more private - and, in addition, the control of participants is much greater.


An arrival that seems to be imminent

Well, this is one of those novelties that will not take long to become a reality in all the clients that exist for the WhatsApp application, such as those of iOS and android. The reason is that everything seems to indicate that the advances in terms of group administration will be brought together so that they are official at the same time. And, quite possibly, that will happen before the end of the year. So, you won't have to wait long considering how the company we're talking about works.

At the moment it is a test phase the improvement we're talking about, but it was even possible to see the place in the settings where the activation option is located for administrators to manually control who enters WhatsApp groups.