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Be honest – haven't you called in sick before, even though you were actually only suffering from an acute lack of interest? Because if you wake up listless and unmotivated, you'd rather spend the day on the sofa than in the office. So that means: call in sick and fake flu, because that's the easiest thing, isn't it? But what's the best way to do it without getting into trouble? We have listed the tricks you don't even have to try because your:e boss:in has known them for a long time anyway.

Fake flu in times of Corona?

Since Corona, it has also become much easier to write in sick over the phone to let. At the moment, the Covid-19 quarantine rules state that a quarantine in case of possible infection applies to contacts and anyone suspected of having contracted the coronavirus. A federal quarantine recommendation readsthat you should stay at home if possible. So you can just say you've been in contact with someone who tested positive. Now, of course, it should be clear that your:e boss:in has probably heard this excuse 100 times.

Faking the flu: is it possible without a doctor?

If you don't want to go to work, you don't want to go to the doctor to get sick leave. That is only too understandable. Even if most doctors recognize very well, whether you are really sick or not they will usually just let you take sick leave without asking too many questions. Of course, a proper sick note is the easiest way to be nice to your bosses.

If you just don't feel like working, you probably don't want to go to the doctor either. Photo: imago images/Westend61

Simulate illness: These are the basics

People who are ill generally behave a little differently than when they are healthy. Feigning an illness is therefore always associated with acting. These are classic symptoms that everyone knows:

  • Directly when greeting, you should avoid shaking hands and deal with the words "I do not want to infect you" introduce.
  • A distressed look always helps.
  • Clearing your throat, massaging your temples, and spitting out some mucus can also help.

Simulate illness for advanced users

Most bosses are already fairly familiar with the typical little tricks. You can no longer impress anyone with these small symptoms of illness. What you actually want is that your:e boss:in himself condemns you from working and tells you that you should only frolic there again when you are fully recovered. We found these tips. We cannot (and do not want to) guarantee that this actually works...

  • Sneeze: If you want to convince your:e boss:in on the phone about your illness, sprinkle a little pepper on your clothes beforehand. You sniff it while you're on the phone. Then you definitely have to sneeze.
  • Watery Eyes: You can get watery eyes by rubbing a little hot (peppermint) toothpaste under your eyes. But be careful not to catch it directly. Tiger balm on the back of your hand also works if you wave it around close to your face.
  • Paleness: To simulate sallow skin, you shouldn't just slap light makeup on your face. You can see that immediately. Better take a dark green eyeshadow and carefully apply it UNDER your eyes. Your skin will appear lighter and paler compared to the dark shadows under your eyes.
  • medicine cabinet: If your boss walks by your desk and sees your entire medicine chest spread out over it, he/she is probably already speaking to you without you having to say anything.
  • Whisper: If you come to work in the morning and only whisper from the beginning because your voice is "gone", it is also possible that you will be sent home right away. In many professions, the voice is existential.

As already mentioned, these tips are of course not meant to be taken seriously and are only made for an absolute exception. As a rule, you shouldn't play with illnesses, because lies have short legs and, by and large, you should enjoy going to work.

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