Zucchini, why do they often turn bitter? The answer will blow your mind

Zucchini is an excellent vegetable with incredible benefits and properties. But why do they become bitter and inedible? The answer is not what you think.

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Everyone likes zucchiniversatile green vegetables that enrich dishes as a side dish or tickle the taste buds as the main ingredient. Rich in properties and benefits, nutritional values ​​are also excellent for a healthy and balanced diet.

Properties and nutritional values ​​of zucchini

Zucchini is one of those vegetables that are never lacking in the kitchen, precisely because it is possible to cook them in any way. The versatile par excellencetogether with carrots, they are suitable from first to second courses or as a rich side dish. Chefs love them and always enrich their preparations.

Side dish of zucchini
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Among its primary characteristics, a rich supply of nutrients and magnesium: for 100 grams of product we find up to 17 mg. Isn't it amazing?

That's not all, zucchini is also rich in 94.23 grams of water, 1.14 mg of zinc and 0.14 mg of copper. Lots of fibers in spite of the fats that are zero. There are different types of this vegetable, some of which with light green or dark green colors up to round or with crooked shapes.

The shape is mainly due to cultivation, in fact there are some that they receive less water and mineral salts enough to make the tip bend (less soft). The others are straight because they receive more light and more water.

Why are courgettes bitter?

Despite the zucchini have many advantagesthere is a flaw that consumers just can't understand. The flavor, many times, tends towards bitterness and not the sweet and fresh taste that they should have.

Indeed, a bitter taste it is certainly not optimal for various culinary preparations. The true aroma of the vegetable is not bitter and there is a reason why it sometimes occurs this way.

Cultivation of zucchini
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The answer is simple: courgette is bitter because it is old and stale. Too much time goes by from harvesting to distribution to selling the product. When courgettes are bought and then stored at home, they take on that bitter taste that makes them inedible.

Putting them in the fridge also doesn't help because the bitter taste increases. So it is time to lose the freshness of the zucchini, making its taste highly bitter and not pleasant to the mouth.

What to do for work around this problem? It is good to make sure that the courgettes purchased are fresh and recently harvested, trying to opt for a local farmer. Furthermore, once brought home they should be consumed within two or three days at the most.

This is the only way to enjoy the vegetable with its natural taste, that is sweet and excellent on the palate.

Bitter zucchini
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