1C created a joint business with top managers of SAP that left Russia

The 1C company created a company in which the names of at least two of the six co-founders coincide with the names of the top managers of the Russian office of the German SAP that left our country. Just a few days after the registration of a new legal entity, the head of 1C announced that it was with experts in SAP solutions that the company would now experiment in terms of creating joint ventures.

New company in the 1C circuit

As CNews found out, a new company has appeared in the management loop of 1C. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, on August 10, 2022, 1C-Perspektiva LLC was registered in Moscow. The authorized capital of the company is 1 million rubles. The main founder with a share of 50.2% is 1C LLC, one of the main legal entities of the company.

The remaining co-founders with equal shares of 8.3% were six individuals: Roman Dianov, Oleg Kornishev, Vladimir Shcherbynin, Andrey Alekseev, Alexey Krutilin and Grigory Ermakov.

Roman Dianov is announced as the CEO. According to Habr Career, a person with that name has been working in the Russian representative office of the German company SAP since 2010, the main foreign competitor of 1C. At least recently, he held the position of Program and Project Manager in the company. In addition, he was the administrator of SAPforum.RU.

A search on Runet also shows that the namesake of another of the co-founders of the new company worked in the Russian SAP - Alexey Krutilin. He joined the representative office of a foreign vendor in 2001. Since 2015, he has held the position of practice director for metallurgy and mining.

In the 1C circuit of Boris Nuraliev, the 1C-Perspective company appeared. Among its co-founders are the namesakes of top managers of the Russian office of SAP

At the time of publication of this material, representatives of 1C could not comment on the emergence of a new company for CNews and confirm that its co-founders belong to the Russian office of SAP. Former SAP employee Aleksey Krutilin refused a telephone conversation with CNews (the author of the editorial board did not have time to tell him the topic of the conversation).

Recall that SAP made the decision to suspend its work in Russia for an indefinite period in early March 2022 in connection with the start of a Russian special operation in Ukraine.

"1C" - about joint companies with SAP specialists

It is noteworthy that plans to experiment with the creation of joint ventures with SAP solution specialists today, August 19, 2022, were publicly announced by the director of 1C. He spoke at the plenary session with the participation of the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksuta Shadaeva the all-Russian forum "Digital Evolution" held in Kaluga.


Speaking about a certain conceptual idea that, in the light of recent events, 1C in Russia should replace SAP (with the proviso that Russian competitors are also present on the market), Nuraliev noted that according to IDC, in 2020 1C and SAP occupied about 40% of the market in money terms. (No independent analysis conducted in 2021.)

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“But our solutions are much cheaper,” Nuraliev stressed. - If you count in the workplace, then 85% of their integrated automation is on 1C. It remains to get 15%. Realistic? Enough resources? We think that's enough."


Ex-employee of the Russian office of SAP Alexey Krutilin

According to Nuraliyev, in 2021 the company put into operation 1.35 million new jobs, including cloud ones, using its solutions. “That's a lot for a country with only 70 million people working,” he said. - A workplace on average lasts 10 years, and not everyone has a computer on their desk; There are janitors, etc.

From the words of the head of 1C, it could be concluded that the company currently considers covering the 15% of the market mentioned above with their solutions as a very specific task. “One of the ways to achieve it, which we decided to try for ourselves: we are now trying to create new partner enterprises from specialists who previously worked with SAP,” Nuraliev said. — They know these clients, they know what they need functionally, they know how to interact with them; they only need to be taught 1C technologies.”

Denis Voeikov