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2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference | The grand paintings show the history of AI development from virtual and real imagesFly into the homes of ordinary people

Caption: Photo by Chen Mengze, reporter from Xinmin Evening News of Zhihui World Expo outside the Silver Hall of Shanghai World Expo (the same below)

Walking into the main venue of the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, it is hard to miss such a magnificent art painting with a width of 7.5 meters and a height of 3.7 meters.

Turn on the mobile phone and follow the instructions to download the "AR Zhihui World Map" app, and a magical scene happens - the map unfolds in a bird's-eye panorama and gradually rises, showing the development history of artificial intelligence, the history of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference and Shanghai in the virtual and real images. The development and application of artificial intelligence.

This map, named "Zhihui World Map", was carefully created by Qiu Zhijie, the vice president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the dean of the School of Experimental Art, and a professor. SenseTime uses AI and AR to empower it to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the conference. Birthday.

Looking closely, the rolling peaks in the middle symbolize the development process of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, showing the evolution of the theme of the conference from "A New Era of Artificial Intelligence Empowerment" to "Intelligent Connected World Unbounded"; the left side depicts the world's artificial intelligence technology from The place where the dream starts: AI mathematical foundation, Turing test, today's machine learning, digital twins, and future innovations in general artificial intelligence, quantum computing and other technologies; the right side shows the five-year innovation strategy of Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry. The gratifying achievements in the development of sources, application scenarios and industrial clusters; Top Ocean is looking forward to the harmonious realm of symbiosis between science and technology and human beings, using artificial intelligence to enhance the common well-being of human beings.

You can see from the picture that the conference has contributed to the construction of "Shanghai Highland" in the past five years - from the first conference to build a first-class platform to promote industry ecology and exchange cutting-edge achievements; to show application demonstrations and build international brands; to now 2022 , the conference crossed industrial boundaries, led digital transformation, and accelerated towards the "Shanghai Highland".

You can feel Shanghai's spatial understanding of the city and the world of artificial intelligence from the picture - the conference takes the "metaverse" as the direction to express that Shanghai will seize the opportunity of "metaverse", give full play to the role of artificial intelligence, and jointly Accelerate the digital transformation of cities, and rely on the Metaverse to "promote" technology applications that improve people's livelihood and change lives, and create a harmonious state of symbiosis between technology and people.

You can also read the footprints of Shanghai Smart Conference and Innovation Conference from the picture - the specially developed Metaverse Experience Zone presents the best solution for "immersive" cloud exhibition, and builds a 3D virtual reality beyond reality. Scenes. Metaverse makes content creativity unrestricted, and the virtual platform and the conference site coexist.

"We use technology as a tool to empower artists. In this regard, artificial intelligence cannot replace creation. AI is more of a series of new technologies that provide creators with lighter and more efficient applications, or more abundant display capabilities. form, to help artists express themselves better." Luan Qing, general manager of SenseTime's Digital Entertainment Division, told reporters.

"In the past, people believed that the combination of art and technology was mainly concentrated in the field of design." Qiu Zhijie, the author of "Intelligence and World Map" said, "Now, everyone realizes that pure art is basic research, just like science is basic research. So people hope to explore science and technology from the field of pure art." In Qiu Zhijie's view, science and art are not only integrated with each other, but are originally one.

At the forum held at the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Qiu Zhijie told everyone that in the past few years, he has drawn maps, done disciplines, and observed the interaction between artificial intelligence and art through practice. "Once, when photography appeared in the art world, many portrait painters were forced to lay off. People began to think about what kind of works should be painted. Photography technology is irreplaceable. So the world has Van Gogh, Picasso... Today, AI is doing what photography did back then, driving some artists over a cliff, and if they don't want to 'fall to their death', they can only grow wings."

Xinmin Evening News reporter Gao Yang

Editor: Lu Jiahui