7 strange symptoms triggered by stress

When you are under chronic stress, strange symptoms appear. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Dr Stevan Hovpol of the Russian Medical Center's Department of Behavioral Sciences in the United States said: "Chronic fatigueIf there is, it is difficult to know strange symptomsappears, "he said. The medical and health information site" Prevention "has collected and introduced seven of these symptoms.


headache on the weekend

Todd Schwartz, Ph.D., Headache Center, University of Washingtonstress levelwhen it suddenly falls migraineThere might be, "he says. weekendin this headacheThis can usually happen Sleepclass meal planIt is important to adapt well to minimize stressors.

terrible menstrual cramps

According to a research team at Harvard University, fatigueWomen who receive a lot Menstrual painthis twice as badappeared as The research team stated: “It induces stress. hormonal imbalance why, "he says. ExerciseIt can relieve pain and stress by reducing sympathetic nervous system activity.


oral pain

Matthew Messina, consumer advisor to the American Dental Association.chin and moutha little bit at a time continue to sufferhe's sleeping because I grind my teeth"Stress exacerbates this situation," he said. oral protective device mouthguardsIf you sleep with it, your teeth grinding will be reduced by more than 70%.

bleeding gums

people with a lot of stress periodontal diseasethey are at high risk of getting stress hormone cortisol If the levels are chronically high immune systemdamage Germthis Eraserbecause it always penetrates easily Brush your teethIt is important to do well. Furthermore Exerciseto doto go SleepDrinking enough will help reduce stress.


itchy skin

According to a Japanese study, chronic itchy skinwho has this fatigueto go more than twice there seemed to be many. The itch itself can also be stressful. anxietyor voltagesilver dermatitisor eczema, psoriasis There are also studies showing that it makes your back worse. The stress response activates the nerve fibers, which cause an itchy sensation.

worsening of allergic symptoms

According to a research team from Ohio State University Medical School, anxietyallergy sufferers tested to induce Allergy SymptomsThis turned out to be much worse. stress hormoneit is a blood protein that causes allergic reactions. IgEpromote the production of


anxiety and stress headacheclass back pain, insomniawith stomach acheCauses One study found that people who were more stressed had three times more stomach pains than those who were relaxed. Although the exact relationship between stress and abdominal pain has not been established, one theory holds that the gut and brain share neural pathways. mentalwhen responding to this stress bowelsDo same signallaunch that you will receive

By Choi Seung-sik, staff reporter choissie@kormedi.com

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