A number of "black technology" products appeared at the Service Trade Fair. How about the transformation and upgrading of service trade? -Domestic News-Jellyfish Net

A number of "black technology" products appeared at the Service Trade Fair. How about the transformation and upgrading of service trade?

In the past two days, "smart black technology" products have been unveiled at the Service Trade Fair, becoming the focus of attention on the field. Full of hardcore technology, it brings the audience an immersive experience. Compared with previous years, what are the differences in this year's intelligent equipment? Where is the intelligent transformation of service trade? Let's follow the reporters ahead to see the scene↓

Artificial intelligence, VR equipment, 5G applications... At this year's service trade fair, reporters saw a large number of high-tech equipment appearing together. Even many traditional service trade enterprises have equipped themselves with intelligent brains.

This is a car driving school. This year, it made a new appearance as "VR smart driving training".

CCTV reporter Zhang Yijin: There is a smart driving learning system here, where we can conduct simple training in subject two, and we can take a test drive. After wearing the VR glasses, there is a 1:1 real restoration road in front of you. If there is a bump or bump in the vehicle, the 4D seat will give a strong feedback, which should be said to be exactly the same as the real driving experience. Extreme weather, including driving at high speeds, can be simulated here.

Exhibitors told reporters that their intelligent driving learning system with independent intellectual property rights has spent hundreds of millions of yuan in research and development costs alone. For a driving school that relies on traditional offline business, why should it carry out such an expensive intelligent transformation? ?

Exhibitor Yan Wenhui: The biggest feature it can bring is cost reduction and efficiency improvement, saving land. The site is the biggest cost, and it also saves a part of the labor cost. It is also convenient for students to practice driving nearby.

It is not only this driving school that actively embraces intelligence. At the "Telecom, Computer and Information Service Special Exhibition", which gathered many intelligent technologies, the reporter saw that the scale here has nearly doubled compared to last year, which also means that more and more traditional industries have entered the The threshold of this exhibition area.

Fitness, cultural tourism, and even ship rust removal are all equipped with intelligent wings, and various new formats and new scenes have appeared in the exhibition area.

Diversified demands are also giving birth to more advanced technologies. The virtual people you see on the screen now are synthesized in real time by capturing real action. However, most of this digital virtual technology can only be used in games. How to implement it in more application scenarios? It has always been a difficult problem.

An exhibitor engaged in industrial AR applications gave a set of solutions.

CCTV reporter Zhang Yijin: This software is a set of industrial-grade AR application software, click on the model recognition, and through this software, we can digitize a set of physical engines. The blue part is the identified set of virtual engines. One of its main functions is that it can be disassembled. Click it to see what parts are in it at a glance.

Exhibitor Liu Ting: In fact, there are already many application scenarios. It can remotely guide the on-site personnel to operate more accurately, and it has more applications in the training of some skills.

The transformation of traditional service providers is accelerating, and new technologies are gradually implemented from concept products. At this service trade fair, more than 100 well-known enterprises and institutions will release development reports and debut products or technologies, and more than 60 will launch new products and technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence and financial technology. The knowledge-intensive service trade characterized by digitalization and intelligence is becoming a new driving force for development.