A part-time worker in a dormitory with 5 women admits that he is "afraid of sleeping at night": there are too many women | International | CTWANT

The man Zhou Weifu moved into the factory dormitory and shared the room with five female colleagues. (Photo/Retrieved from NetEase News)

Many factories have good welfare, including food and housing, attracting many people to come to work. There is a man named Zhou Weifu in Shenzhen, China. He has a lot of working experience. He heard that the new factory not only includes food and housing, but also beautiful women. He went there without hesitation. He regretted it at night.

The incident happened 4 years ago. The man's name was Zhou Weifu. He was born and raised in Shenzhen. He had a lot of experience working in factories. RMB (approximately NT$8,900). Hearing that the factory next door is full of food and housing, and there are beautiful women, I resolutely choose to change jobs.

Zhou Weifu couldn't stand it after staying for 2 days.  (Photo/Retrieved from NetEase News)
Zhou Weifu couldn't stand it after staying for 2 days. (Photo/Retrieved from NetEase News)

After Zhou Weifu entered the new factory, he found that there were really many beautiful women, so he started working in the electronics factory. Because his home was a bit far from the factory, he applied to the supervisor for food and housing, but there were not enough dormitories, so he had to share a room with 5 female colleagues. Hearing that he had such a good deal, he agreed without thinking about it. , but he was disappointed on the first night of moving into the dormitory, and said bluntly: "These women are like wolves and tigers, and there are too many tricks at night!"

Zhou Weifu revealed that among the 5 female colleagues, 2 would snort while sleeping, and the other 2 would talk in their sleep, making him unable to rest well at night. In addition, he and this group of colleagues have no common topic, and the other party cannot join in the chat, which makes him very embarrassed.

Zhou Weifu said frankly that he was afraid that he would be tossed to the point of being unable to sleep on the nights he shared with his female colleagues.