a person dies from an invasive meningococcal infection

The ARS of Corsica reports the death this Thursday at Ajaccio hospital of a person suffering from an invasive meningococcal infection.

According to the ARS, "it is a form of purpura fulminans which led to the death of this person. The Regional Health Agency of Corsica, with the help of the family and the health professionals of the territory, proceeded, as soon as the report was made, to look for people who had close and prolonged contact with this person.

The ars has ensured that all people identified as at-risk contacts have received antibiotic treatment to prevent the occurrence of new cases. To date, no other cases of invasive meningococcal disease have been reported.

The risks of contamination by the meningococcus are exceptional, the meningococcus being a very fragile germ in the external environment.

No other measure is necessary, neither school or professional eviction for contact subjects who have been in contact with the patient, nor any disinfection of the premises or closure of establishments is recommended.