A schoolgirl fulfills a fleeing mum or dad Father Khajai experienced no explanation from the college right before he was observed lifeless in the forest.

The pupils introduced into the prayer activity. I uncovered a mother or father who ran hunting. Before he was discovered useless in the forest, Father Khajai experienced no clarification.

On September 3, the investigative officer from Satuek Law enforcement Station, Satuek District, Buriram Province, invited the administration trainer of Satuek Secondary School, Satuek District to problem a assertion following Ms. Nichada Sala- Ngam or Movie, 17, Grade 6, Secondary University Satuk mysteriously died in the forest driving the faculty

Ms. Chularat (a pseudonym), 17, a pal of Nong Fuse, who died, said she and her 3 pals did not show up at the past class, which is a prayer exercise. they sat on the floor ground of the developing heading to get foods to consume with each other

Afterwards, the administration trainer discovered out about this and approached to chase him and ran away from the teacher. The trainer ran following him. He then he ran behind the faculty which was a forest. without figuring out who ran the place When I got back again out, I did not see the fuse. I never know which way to run and he considered he had to go again to the school bus so not interested Till evening to hear the information that he died in the forest.

Mr. Nirus Sala-ngam, 40, Fuse's father, stated his daughter's dying was a secret. simply because no teacher has appear out to explain or give information about the incident None of the academics have occur household still. There was just a phone phone that said "He'll be liable" that he is weirder than that. The physician termed to inform him "The daughter is useless". In truth, the trainer really should have knowledgeable him right before the incident.

“The trigger of demise is now regarded to medical doctors as heart failure. The teacher did not go out to make clear in any way, I want everybody, from the instructor, the university student or whoever achieved her to start with daughter, who she is and who can take her to the hospital. But anyone retained their mouths shut. '