Ann Demeulemeester, one of the six Antwerp gentlemen, officially launches her first furniture collection | HYPEBEAST

Avant-garde godmother of the "Antwerp Six" with Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries Van Noten, Marina Yee and others Ann Demeulemeesteralthough she is known for her achievements in the fashion industry, she is more concerned with the essence of design and creation than the final form presented, and gradually focuses her creativity on "people". After the Belgian tableware brand Serax created a tableware series called "Dé", this time it has once again cooperated to enter different fields and officially launched its first furniture series.

This time, Ann Demeulemeester created with her partner and photographer Patrick Robyn, and the process began when Belgium went into lockdown as the outbreak began, and the stranded couple began to observe their surroundings keenly, sharing: "We've always been interested in Furniture has a strong idea, and this is the perfect time for us to develop our home project.”, “We aim for what we ourselves would want to have, and according to this vision, play freely without reference. ."

Inspired by the bold use of color and clean and simple geometric elements in the style of Ann Demeulemeester, and through a kind of "duality" throughout the series - dark and light, shadow and highlight, texture and smooth, the choice of linen, oak , wool, velvet, canvas and other various fabrics provide multiple touches, bringing single products such as sofas, single sofas, benches, tables, etc. In addition to being responsible for the design part, he also masters the entire production process, including the development of prototypes to Work with Serax to hardcover your creations into shelf-ready items.

Ann Demeulemeester, 62, continues her self-discovery, "I love creating 3D shapes," she says, "It's very exciting to create 'beauty' in new ways—perhaps it's a never-ending quest And part of the evolution." The series, which was released exclusively on RR Corner earlier, is expected to usher in a wider release in September, and readers may wish to browse the gallery above to learn more.