Bicycle theft in Füssen: How to secure your bike well, insurance for e-bikes - news from Füssen

Thieves cleared out a bike shop in the Reutte district, and a 9,000-euro bike was stolen in Füssen. Is Fussen a hotspot for bicycle thieves?

Felix Futschik

08/21/2022 | Status: 5:45 a.m

It is said to be a group of professional criminals who struck a bicycle shop at the end of July. The strangers broke into the store around 1:30 a.m. and stole sporting goods. According to the police, the estimated value is in the mid-six-digit range. The extraordinary burglary happened in the Reutte district, in Bichlbach. Füssen is not spared from bicycle thieves either: last week a racing bike worth 9,000 euros was stolen at Weißensee. An isolated case?

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