Blood donation ; Nigerian Shia Show of Unity

Iran Press/ World: Nigerian Shia Muslims visit Katsina State Government General Hospital during Muharram and after the martyrdom ritual of Imam Hussein (blessed be he), third Imam of the Shia and donate their blood to save the lives of Sunni and Christian patients.

One of the members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Shehu Ahmad said blood donation in Nigeria is one of the habits of the Shia Muslim people during the month of Muharram to help the sick.

This member of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria added that many patients in Nigerian hospitals need blood and donating blood is doing human labor to save patients from different groups.

Deputy Director of Nursing Services at the Federal Government Teaching Hospital in Bauchi, Nigeria, Muhammad Ali Babayo hailed blood donation by Shia Muslims to save the lives of patients and said the action is a demonstration of the unity of Muslims in Nigeria.

Shia Muslim brothers and sisters donate their blood in memory of the sacrifice of Imam Hussein (bless him) in Karbala, and Nigerian Shia Muslims show their humanity by doing this, he said.

According to this Nigerian doctor, hospitals in Nigeria are in great need of blood and Muslims and non-Muslims in this country save the lives of anemic children and pregnant women by donating blood.