Bodily loss of RTX 4080FE, RTX 3090 really should have the exact same heatsink

With the NVIDIA GTC 2022 function scheduled for September 19-22, the most current information pertaining to the RTX 40 collection has arrived.

▲ A actual photograph allegedly RTX 4080 was captured (Image = KittyYYuko Twitter)

As for the information related to the RTX 4080FE, the "real picture" was 1st verified by using the @KittyYYuko leaker's Twitter, not the previously recognized specs.

The RTX 4080FE has 7 models with 2 less blades than the recent RTX 3090FE. Also, it appears that 2 slots are applied in terms of slot use, but looking at the over-all style and design, it is analyzed that a warmth sink style and design comparable to that of the RTX 3090 has been applied.

The font layout of the RTX 4080 emblem engraved on the GPU has also been somewhat modified. If the RTX 3090 was the similar daring font, this RTX 40 series only utilized "RTX" in daring.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA's RTX 40 series is expected to be introduced at the September NVIDIA GTC celebration, and the precise launch date is predicted to be in October 2022.