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Russian Gazprom declared on Friday: they will not open up the pipeline to Germany as prepared.

The induce is oil leaks in a turbine, the corporation states.

Till it is repaired, the fuel offer by the pipeline will be "fully minimize off".

Gazprom did not say when the fuel could be transported once more by the pipeline.

The pipeline was closed due to the fact Wednesday because of to what has been identified as scheduled routine maintenance.

The fuel pipe is described as very vital for the European marketplace.

Nord Stream 1 it is in excess of 1,200 kilometers very long and can carry 55 billion cubic meters of gas for each year.

Nord Stream 1 was concluded in 2011. The pipeline has a transportation potential of 55 billion cubic meters of fuel for each 12 months.

Illustration: Gazprom

It can have a number of will cause

Ole Gunnar Austvik is professor of political economy and petroleum economics at Høgskolen i Innlandet.

It has intently adopted each fuel markets and relations involving Russia and the EU because the 1980s.

- What is taking place now can be perceived as Russia applying gasoline as a political weapon, Austvik tells NRK.

The simple fact that Russia does not reopen the gas faucet now could also have many reasons, these kinds of as the need for upkeep, Austvik thinks.

- But Russia has used fuel as a political weapon versus other nations in the earlier, he says, and refers to the 2010 Kharkiv Settlement:

Then Ukraine obtained less expensive gas from Russia, in trade for the possibility of extending the right to Russia makes use of its naval base i Sevastopol i Ukraine.

Russia has beforehand denied utilizing fuel as an economic weapon or to manipulate the market place, Reuters writes.

Ole Gunnar Austvik

Ole Gunnar Austvik is professor of political economic climate and petroleum economics at Høgskolen i Innlandet.

Photograph: Dag Kessel / NRK

Siemens: "No specialized explanation to cease operations"

German authorities reported on Friday evening that they had secure gas materials.

- The situation in the fuel market place is tense, but gas reserves are safe, mentioned a spokesman for the German authorities, according to the AFP information agency.

According to Gazprom, turbine manufacturer Siemens reported this sort of oil leaks can't be fixed right until "the repairs are carried out at a specialised workshop".

A small later on on Friday evening, Siemens said these types of oil leaks are not a "technical motive" to end operations and usually do not have an affect on the operation of a turbine.

Doable press officer

The truth that Russia no for a longer time opens the fuel faucet can now also be noticed as a reaction to the West:

- They say they will not have the spare parts and technologies to deal with unique forms of repairs and updates. If so, it could be perceived as a reaction to Western sanctions versus know-how and other parts of the Russian financial state, which I feel have a authentic damaging impact on the Russian financial state, Austvik suggests.

The professor states that Russia sees gas not only as a professional commodity, but as a political tool.

Austvik thinks that what are referred to as problems with the now shut pipeline can also be seen as Russia wanting to place stress on Europe.

- It can also be perceived that they are applying it as an argument to stop deliveries. So it is working with fuel as a political weapon to place stress on EU nations, so that there is a shortage of gas or higher costs for fuel.

Gas turbine for Nord Stream 1 at Siemens in Mühlheim, Germany

This is a person of the turbines applied in the pipeline among Russia and Germany, Nord Stream 1.