Celine Evangelista's Mesra Chat with Marshel Widianto Leaks: Yes, Luv

Tribunlampung.co.id, Jakarta - Widely rumored close, Celine Evangelista intimate chat with comics Marshall Widianto leaking.

Even Marshall Widianto who share it directly on his social media.

Seen through Instagram Story uploads, Marshall Widianto name contact Celine Evangelista with CLN spiked with a white heart emoticon.

In their conversation, the mother of four protested about the comedian's work.

Even in the chat, it was also known that Marshel Widianto was busy filming.

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"Keep working," wrote Celine Evangelista quoted from Marshel's Instagram, Saturday (3/9/2022).

"I'm filming hahahaha," replied the comedian.

The former Stefan William then asked the comedian to follow him. It is known that Celine was in Lavva, a karaoke place, bar and restaurant in the Central Jakarta area.

"Come here, let me have a hand with him," he pleaded Celine Evangelista.

But the request Celine Evangelista it was rejected because Marshall Widianto not finished shooting.