Characters of the summer: Baroness Tita Cervera does not leave Marbella

Since she married Baron Thyssen, Tita Cervera has become a patron of art and, together with her husband, spent long periods in Marbella in "Mata Mua", a colonial-style villa located in one of the best areas of the town, in the company of his son Borja and his mother María. The aristocratic couple was common at parties attended by members of the jet set such as Gunilla Von Bismarck, Jaime de Mora y Aragón, Luis Ortiz or Sean Connery.

Marbella It is one of the summer refuges widely chosen by the jet set since the prince Alfonso de Hohenhole turned that fishing village into one of the leading vacation destinations in the glamour, luxury and ostentation.

During the summers of the eighties, members of the national and international aristocracy or personalities traveled to the Costa del Sol to enjoy the Marbella golden summers. And some established their summer residence there, as was the case with Tita Cerverathe Baroness Thyssen. Along with her husband, the Baron Thyssenenjoyed the summer between sun, beach and pata negra ham, one of the aristocrat's favorite appetizers.

"Mata Mua", the shelter of the Baroness

Since he married Heini Thyssenbetter known as the Baron Thyssen, Tita Cervera became a patron of artso it is not surprising that some of its properties were named after some of the most prized works in the collections.

Baroness Thyssen in "Mata Mua".

"Front Screen"the oil work of Paul Gaugin installed in the residence that Tita Cervera has in Andorra, he gave his name to the Marbella mansion in which he shared summers with her husband, her son Borja and her mother María. The reason for baptizing the mansion with the name of the painting by Paul Gaugin is due to a property's bathtub, whose tiles are painted with the author's work.

The colonial-style villa was inaugurated in 1987, with 432 square meters and 6,000 square meters of land where he regularly received the press together with the baron during the 1980s and 1990s. In his stays in the mansion, the barons used to celebrate parties attended by members of the Marbella jet set.

The Thyssen barons, characters of the Marbella summer

The couple formed by the aristocrats settled in Marbella to enjoy the days of sea and sun and the night parties until the wee hours of the morning. Like other personalities of the jet set, the barons attended the parties he organized Jaime de Mora y Aragon o red cross finery beside Gunilla Von Bismarck, Luis Ortiz, Sean Connery and even with Elizabeth Taylor.

The Barons Thyssen.

The couple also used to be seen by the Marbella Clubwhere at one of their parties, held on August 10, 1986recalled her time as a beauty pageant contestant and was crowned Lady Spaina title that would be inherited by personalities such as Duchess of Alba or Marta Chávarri.

Marbella, one of the Baroness's favorite destinations

The death of Baron Thyssen was a heavy blow for Tita Cerverawho lost the love of his life April 26, 2002. The legacy, both artistic and financial, that the Baroness inherited is invaluable. Despite the fact that the aristocrat chooses other vacation destinations such as Ibiza, she has resisted putting the villa up for sale “Front Screen”, where he shared a large part of the summers with the baron.

Aunt Cervera.

The baroness continues to be one of the usual characters of summers in Marbella and on numerous occasions she has opened the doors of her residence to the press and has even been seen with her daughters Carmen and Sabine through Puerto Banús, with his son Borja and her daughter-in-law Blanca Cuesta.

Tita Cervera with her son and daughter-in-law.

In Marbella he also boasted of the good relationship he had with the father of his son, Manolo Segura and, to this day, Tita Cervera continues to recall her golden days in Marbella by attending events such as the Starlite Gala.