Chris Rock takes pride in bullying Will Smith's wife despite the slap


September 3, 2022

14:00 pm

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American comedian Chris Rock made statements in which he revealed his position on the international star Will Smith slapped him in front of millions, at the Oscars last March.
Rock said that "for 30 years he believed that Smith was an ideal man, but he was not, but he was ugly, and that Smith, in his act, tore a mask that he had used for many years," according to what was published by the newspaper "Daily Mail".
And about his sarcastic comment on the hair of Jada Pinkett, Will Smith's wife, Rock responded that it was "the most beautiful thing he's ever said."
He revealed that he "wishes Smith would not wear masks again, regardless of the consequences, but rather leave his true face in public," referring to the Hollywood star acting according to his conviction, not trying to beautify his actions.
It is worth noting that American comedian Chris Rock did not respond to Will Smith's two apologies for slapping him at the last Oscars.
The events of the incident, which caused a global uproar around it, took place when Will Smith went to receive the first Academy Award in his life on March 27, and he returned carrying with him the most famous slap in the history of the ceremony.
Smith's slap on Rock came in response to the comedian's sarcastic comment about the hair of Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett.
As a result, Smith was deprived of attending the Oscars for 10 years, and Sony postponed the production of the fourth part of the movie “Bad Boys”, and Netflix decided to stop working on the movie “Speed ​​and Loss” due to Will Smith’s participation in the two films.