Christian Panier defends the release of Michelle Martin and says he is always ready to host Marc Dutroux

Christian Panier, a former judge from Namur, had been talked about a lot in 2015 when he had decided to host Michelle Martin, when she had to leave the convent of the Poor Clare sisters of Malonne where she was on parole.

We know: the ex-wife of Marc Dutroux is now completely free since August 26. Our colleagues from 7sur7 therefore questioned Christian Panier for his opinion on the subject. "It's simply and perfectly legal" explains the ex-judge who therefore finds the court's decision "completely logical". If Christian Panier speaks of Michelle Martin as a "regular tenant", he assures that he does not know what will happen to her, ignoring for example the place where she intends to go to live.

Our colleagues also return to statements made in 2015 by the ex-judge, who claimed to have no problem hosting Marc Dutroux if necessary. "I didn't say that lightly"explains the main interested party. "And I maintain. However, this eventuality is very largely hypothetical." As to whether the pedophile will ever be released from prison, Christian Panier declares that "it is not its role, but that of a court".

If these new statements are likely to displease the families of the victims, the ex-judge does not budge: "More than ever, it is necessary to forgive. Otherwise, no appeasement is possible."