Chumel Torres consults in Similar Pharmacies; confirm trend

  • The National Survey of Health and Nutrition (Ensanut) 2021 reveals why and how many Mexicans go to offices adjacent to pharmacies in Mexico.

  • Scielo conducted a study where he found the impact on the management of medical talent due to the habit of Mexicans of going to pharmacies for consultation.

  • Until 2017 it was estimated that the number of employees in the market of retail in health there were 279 thousand professionals in Mexico, according to the Annual Trade Survey (EAC).

Chumel Torres
confessed to go to consult Similar pharmacies and the fact confirms a health habit followed by the Mexican consumer.

The tendency health in the health habits of consumers, it prioritizes a key moment when they need a medical diagnosis in the event of a symptom, and retail, adapting spaces for this demand, is a key place for this.

Inside of National Survey of Health and Nutrition (Ensanut) 2021the 56 percent of the mexicans confessed who went to private medical consultation, despite having social security and this universe, the 19.9 percent he did it in offices adjacent to pharmacies.

Among the reasons they revealed as to why they go to this type of office, the 28 percent he said it was because they did not have social security; 24 percent recognized that the clinics were close to their homes and 9 percent argued that the low cost of consultations motivated them to go to these places, where a consultation lasts an average of 29 minutes.

These health habits that have been consolidated in the Mexican consumer, have also made the medical talent that attends these points more precarious. In a study of Scielothe platform he found Compared to physicians in pharmacy practices versus those in independent medical practices, they have a median monthly income of five thousand 500 pesos contra eight thousand 500 pesos, respectively; In addition, the level of postgraduate studies among the doctors of the first clinic model was lower, compared to those of their own clinics, in a 61 against 81 percentrespectively.

as well as a influencer confessed that he goes to a Similar Pharmacy for medical consultations, there are other cases of influencerswhich reveal health habits imposed by retail, such as Walmartwhen it became a center for the application of vaccines against COVID-19 and various personalities documented their visits to these chains that only in the United States provided the service.

The obvious contrast between boarding a plane to get vaccinated in a Walmart of the United States against going for a walk to the Farmacia Similares in the neighborhood, to take a consultation Mexico determine the value of retail in shares health determinants, such as helping the consumer against a pandemic or to obtain a medical diagnosis.

As it is key, there is a business in it, however, what is worth understanding in marketing is how commercial spaces are transformed and the versatility they have, to allow a influencer as Chumel Torres confess going to a pharmacy to see a doctor in these places.

The health habits of Mexicans have found in retail spaces suitable for consultation or other medical activities, an opportunity to make the management of their illnesses or adopt healthy lifestyles more efficient, motivating that, as we see in projections from Annual Trade Survey (EAC)the number of retail employees dedicated to the segment health grow up, going from 258 out of 279 mil in between 2016 y 2017.

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