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darkFlash DP7 Thermal Paste

The thermal paste used when connecting the cooler to the CPU is one of the most important things.

Use thermal grease that does not work properly even with expensive CPUs and coolers.

If you don't apply it properly, you can't control the heat properly.

If you change the CPU or cooler frequently, you will use a lot of thermal grease, which will increase the price.

It's an important factor.

darkFlash DP7 Thermal Paste has a capacity of 4g and a price in the low 10,000 won range.

It has a high thermal conductivity of 14W/mk. Let's see the product by trying it out for ourselves.


The product image and the black zipper bag package

The product name is engraved.

As it is a zip bag, it is convenient to store the product.


It is a thermal grease in the form of a syringe.

Good to apply on CPU and leftover

It is also good for storing grease.

Thermal grease leak

It is wrapped in plastic to prevent it.

The product is well protected as it is a sturdy vinyl.

It's possible.

I will remove the plastic wrap and use it.

The lid is also normally open and closed.

There is a non-screw thread that opens and closes by turning


There does not appear to be any concern about product leakage.

In addition to the product, grease cleaner and

A scraper that can spread grease

It is enclosed.


Thermal grease application

The viscosity is appropriate and it can be used with a scraper.

It can be spread out for even more effect

You can raise it.

It should be applied as thinly as possible.

The CPU used is famous for its high heat.

AMD 5800X, 3 row water cooler

I used it.

Check CPU temperature

Even though the 5800X is a very hot CPU,

Screen capture program for benchmark test

It was kept below 80 degrees.

14W/mk is the thermal conductivity value.

It transfers heat between the cooler and the CPU well.

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