Daniel Arenas is a campaign model for dads, amid rumors of pregnancy

The actor accompanied his girlfriend, the former queen and presenter Danielle Alvarez, at the launch in Medellín of its pajamas collection. Daniel told the presenter and telenovela expert Carlos Ochoa, on his account @carlosochoatv, that she is also a sleepwear model:

“I am part of the collection, did you know? 'Charlie', me as a model, who never modeled in my life, now that they showed it to me I said that's me, that's me”.

In the photos you can see the facet of Daniel's dad with a model childand another photo where he appears with his girlfriend.

These are the images:

Ochoa revealed to him that when he interviewed Daniela, she asked him if she would like to have twins, to which he replied…

“They are God's decisions, I think they are not even one's. When that comes it is because my God allows it, for now living the process happily in love, enjoying every blessing of life, how are you being here with you in good health.

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The actor has been outside Colombia for 12 years living and working in Mexico, but what will happen if a new project comes out in the soap operas in the Aztec country?

“If there is work in Mexico, Dani comes with me. If there is work in Colombia, I accompany her. I think that today the beautiful thing about couples is that, leaving the ego aside, rather sharing and being generous. This year I accompanied her on many projects and she accompanied me too”.

Although the telenovela expert told him that he is the "king midas" of the "rating" in Mexico and in the afternoons in Colombia, he still does not believe it and only wants to raise the name of Colombia. His last telenovela on Televisa México was 'SOS I'm falling in love', along with Iran Castillo, who got pregnant at the end and was a challenge for the recordings.

"They put dresses on her, big skirts, I found out almost at the end because I didn't know and I was pregnant almost halfway through the project."

Daniel He has been with the great actresses of Mexican soap operas such as Angelique Boyer, Maite Perroni, Zuria Vega, Ana Brenda Contreras and the villains Laura Zapata among many more. In telenovelas such as: 'La Gata', 'Teresa', 'Corazón Indomable' and 'Mi Husband Has a Family', among others.

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“Learn from them and teach them because I brought a very different rhythm and way of working here from Colombia, it was also very rich to learn and teach certain things”.

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Now Daniel Arenas He is looking for new professional paths, his parents live in Bogotá and he is waiting for a project in Mexico, which he considers his second homeland.

See the conversation in this video: