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On this day, the September 2022 PS Plus games will be revealed.

August is coming to an end and with it the unveiling of the PS Plus Essential lineup for September 2022. Those with at least the cheapest subscription tier of the service can soon expect more. other titles, which then at no additional cost downloadable from the PS Store.

When will the Essential PS Plus games be revealed in September 2022?

Since Sony follows a certain timeline when unveiling the Essential games, we already know the expected announcement date:

  • estimated date: Wednesday, August 31, 2022*
  • scheduled time: 5:30 p.m. (German time)**
  • When will the new PS Plus games go live? Available from Tuesday, September 6, 2022 (around 12:00 German time)

*Where does this date come from? New PS Plus games are always released on the first Tuesday of every month and are announced six days in advance. That's making an August 31 announcement this month and a September 6 unlock on the PlayStation Store.

** 5:30 p.m. is Sony's usual game reveal time.

Like every month, GamePro will of course present new games to you in time for the announcement.

Are there any leaks for Essential games already in September 2022?

No not yet. In recent months, new games in the PS Plus range have always been leaked by the French site dealabs. It cannot be ruled out that insiders will reveal the PS Plus program again in advance. GamePro will listen to you.

What free PS Plus Essential games are there in August 2022? Here is the full schedule:

August 2022 PS Plus games are official: we have a big month ahead of us


In addition, a number of new bonus titles await us in September 2022, which you can only play "for free" with the PS Plus Extra or Premium subscription. The new Extra and Premium games are expected to be unveiled in the middle of next month.

Here are the new extra/premium games in August 2022:

PS Plus ExtraPremium in August 2022: all new games and subscriptions


Sony's new PlayStation Plus model has also been available in Germany for some time. The service is now divided into three tiers (Essential, Extra and Premium), which provide different benefits.

Here are the prices for PlayStation Plus:

  • PS Plus Essential
    • 1 month: 8,99 euros
    • 3 months: 24,99 euros
    • 12 months: 59,99 euros
  • PS Plus Extra
    • 1 month: 13,99 euros
    • 3 months: 39,99 euros
    • 12 months: 99,99 euros
  • PS Plus Premium
    • 1 month: 16,99 euros
    • 3 months: 49,99 euros
    • 12 months: 119,99 euros

In this GamePro article you will find all additional information about PS Plus Essential, Extra and Premium at a glance.

And in this separate GamePro list, we list all of the bonus games you get with Extra and Premium.

What are your wishes for the PS Plus range in September 2022? Which titles do you think should be added to the service?