Deciphering the genetics of most cancers "Precision Cancer Medication", setting up specific treatment options

By ... Dr. Vikrom Gennetisin, internist specializing in oncology and chemotherapy, Vejthani Clinic

of the National Cancer Institute. It emerged that the new cases of most cancers in 2021 are as many as 139,206 persons per year and of these 84,073 fatalities per yr. The 5 most typical cancers in Thais are liver and bile duct cancer and breast cancer. Lung most cancers, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer

Cancer treatment method these days has progressed in conditions of screening know-how. chemotherapy This can lessen side results and acquire more specific treatment for each and every particular person client.

The most vital point in cancer procedure is to find out the trigger of each and every person's most cancers. Analysis can be finished by inspecting the patient's cancer cells. that irregular most cancers-resulting in cells occur from what system And what drugs can block cancer-causing mechanisms? We will be equipped to opt for the right drug. It is much more personalized and additional productive. We will phone this procedure Precision Most cancers Medication simply because it is most cancers of the exact organ. It can be caused by cancer cells that have diverse pathological mechanisms

"Precision Most cancers Medicine" is the evaluation of most cancers cells to obtain additional information about the type, stage or look of the most cancers. Relatively, it will be a distinct check down to the level of the cancer genetic code. that the medical professional will use to attract the patient's blood or tissue Acquire it for diagnostic exams in the laboratory. and analyzed on a central database What we phone Large Details, which can reveal the system of the illness. which are unique for every single personal.This will allow medical practitioners to opt for the appropriate anticancer drug. Slash again or stay away from pointless medications. This aids decrease and keep away from side consequences that could manifest in the very first place.

In Precision Cancer Medicine, the genetic code of every patient's cancer mobile is acquired from a biopsy. to be analyzed through a genetic analyzer To see in element the anomaly and mutation of genes, and then compare the knowledge on a central database referred to as Large Knowledge, which will enable us know what form of most cancers people have anomalies and how we can Which strategy of therapy will be the ideal and most helpful?

Treatment requires to be analyzed, like the underlying disorder, client fears and wants. For example, some folks may well be fearful of hair reduction. We will have a treatment method process that fulfills the requires and features for this individual. Hence, Precision Cancer Drugs is developed to be definitely individualized.

At the time health professionals have identified the underlying causes of most cancers by Precision Most cancers Drugs, their anticancer drug arranging can be additional distinct and powerful. Methods of remedy assortment from

1. Anti-hormone remedy (hormone treatment) is a drug that inhibits the perform and / or creation of intercourse hormones. This can inhibit the progress of most cancers cells which are stimulated by intercourse hormones, such as prostate most cancers in men and breast most cancers in ladies, etcetera.

2. The use of focused remedy (Targeted Remedy) from the final results of the investigation of each patient's most cancers system. Allow us know what mechanism or alteration of the cancer genetic code. that turns ordinary cells into cancer cells We will pick medication that immediately inhibit specific mechanisms. permitting cancer to be taken care of on the spot

3. Treatment method with immunotherapy prescription drugs Immunotherapy is a swap that lets the immune program to get rid of most cancers cells a lot more properly. It is suitable for most cancers cells that have been shown to reply very well to immunotherapy.

4. Mobile treatment remedy (cell remedy) We can strengthen the cells of the immune technique. relevant to the system of elimination of cancer cells, integrating the patient by selecting a complement suitable for the actual physical problems of every individual and specific for each patient's disease or cancer cells

5. Most cancers vaccine therapy (Most cancers vaccine) is a remedy for most cancers that has by now occurred. The vaccine is precise to every patient's cancer cells. Helps gradual or quit the progress of most cancers cells. reduce tumor size Avoid cancer from recurring or do away with most cancers cells that are not killed by other treatments these types of as surgical procedure, radiation or chemotherapy.

For that reason, Precision Cancer Medication is a new substitute for most cancers people. in get to acquire a more specific and personalised treatment method This translates into good success and reduces the event of side outcomes.