Deolipa calm in the law enforcement for the "Return to your God" chat with Angel Lelga

Jakarta -

Deolipa Yumara Police accused of blasphemy To chat talk to Angelo Lelga 'return to your Lord'. Deolipa or who is familiarly known as Olip responded casually to the criticism towards him.

"It's all right, take it easy aja"Deolipa Yumara claimed when she was contacted detik.comSaturday (09/03/2022).

Deolipa Yumara will not want to hassle reporting in opposition to her. According to him, it is free if a person would like to report him.


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"Of course, which is high-quality describedcost-free aja"He mentioned.

Deolipa law enforcement for alleged blasphemy

Deolipa Yumara was reported by the Indonesian Activist Alliance to the South Jakarta Metro Law enforcement (South Jakarta) on Friday (2/9) yesterday. The romance on behalf of Endang Sunandar or identified as Yonatan Nandar was registered under amount LP / 2089 / IX / 2022 / RJS.

"On the event of this satisfied afternoon, I report Deolipa Yumara on allegations of abuse of spiritual blasphemy, detest speech that contains SARA as ruled by posting 156a of the prison code in conjunction with post 28 paragraph 2 in conjunction with report 45 paragraph 2 of regulation no. 19 of 2016 on the ITE legislation, "Yonatan Nandar instructed reporters from the subway police in Jakarta, south, on Friday (2/9).

He claimed Deolipa's alleged blasphemy was linked to Deolipa's chat with Angel Lelga. Jonathan stated that denouncing Deolipa was not defending any individual, but defending her faith.

"So which is the chronology, huh. So I am not defending any one in this case. I as a Muslim defend my religion. Why? A person of my sisters, specifically Angel Lelga, mentioned in a media - I don't know in which media - she (Deolipa) said this: 'Angel Lelga, repent, return to your authentic God, do not betray your God.' In other narratives the name of the God is also outlined, "he claimed.

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