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Original title: Ding Yanyuhang: Watching teammates play when injured is very hard, only 60% recovery last season

Recently, Ding Yanyuhang, who joined the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team, accepted an exclusive interview with Five Star Sports and talked about his past.

Reporter: Talk about your career. You are a very special player. Your career is like a basketball game, divided into two halves. How would you rate your career before 2018?

Ding Yanyuhang: Before the injury, it was a smooth journey. From the beginning of the National Junior Team and the Shandong team, the coach trained me more. There were no major injuries along the way, and it was relatively smooth.

Reporter: For nearly three years, and you are still unable to play in the golden age group, is it a big blow to a professional player?

Ding Yanyuhang: It's more difficult, and my injury is quite special. I never thought it would take so long to recover. I have always been full of hope in my recovery, but it has been delayed for a long time.

Reporter: So at the beginning, you didn't know that the recovery time would be three years.

Ding Yanyuhang: Yes, yes. What is the disease for three years? It just didn't fully recover from the beginning.

Reporter: If you knew from the beginning that it would take three years to recover, would your mentality collapse?

Ding Yanyuhang: Maybe at that time, but even though I haven't played for three years, I may become stronger mentally. After experiencing some things, I will look at things indifferently, and there will not be too much regret, after all, we all have to look forward, and I am not yet 29 this year.

Reporter: Is your mental strength stronger because you have collapsed many times in the course of three years?

Ding Yanyuhang: No, I just got used to it.

Reporter: What was the most tormenting thing in the past three years?

Ding Yanyuhang: The most torment is seeing teammates play on the court, but I can't do my best. Including the previous World Cup, many games of the national team and the CBA, I wanted to do my best, but I didn't have the chance. This is a rather sad and sad thing.

Reporter: You played 20 games last season. Is it any different from before the injury?

Ding Yanyuhang: Last season, it only recovered 60%, and the style of play will not be as hard and hard as before.

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