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▲ Xu Nan was dissatisfied with Huang Nan's long-term noise, and was angry and cut people. (Picture / Flip screen)

Saturday night was also a typhoon night, but Keelung City was not calm last night (2nd). At around 8:30 p.m., a 68-year-old man surnamed Huang, who lived on Beining Road, was slashed by a 66-year-old neighbor named Xu. It is reported that Xu Nan was dissatisfied with the noise that Huang Nan usually makes to disturb his sleep, so he stabbed him with a knife while taking out the garbage. Xiang Huang Nan, although Huang Nan regained his heartbeat for a while after being sent to the hospital for rescue, but eventually died of his injuries; Xu Nan drove away to Bisha Fishing Port after committing the crime, and soaked in water under the floating dock all night to try to evade investigation. However, the police still caught him at the yacht pier of Bisha Fishing Port early this morning (3rd).

Xu Nan soaked in the water all night and was arrested early in the morning when he went ashore.  (Picture / Flip screen)

▲ Xu Nan soaked in the water all night and was arrested when he went ashore in the early morning. (Picture / Flip screen)

It is understood that the two have been neighbors for many years, and there have been many arguments in the past, mostly because Xu Nan was dissatisfied with Huang Nan's loud voice. Huang Nan went downstairs to take out the garbage last night. Xu Nan suddenly stabbed him in the neck and chest several times with a knife. The attack was extremely ruthless. Huang Nan's neck artery was cut off and he lost a lot of blood and was seriously injured. He was dead before being sent to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. There are signs. Although he resumed breathing and heartbeat for a while after the rescue, the doctor gave first aid to nearly 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, but could not save Huang Nan, and was finally declared dead.

As for the man surnamed Xu, the police in the jurisdiction tracked down the road and found that he had parked his car beside the Bisha Fishing Port. He checked the monitor and found that he had jumped into the sea. He thought that Xu Nan was taking the crime and committing suicide, but unexpectedly, it was to avoid the police. Spend the night under the pier pallets. After a night of searching, the police finally found Xu Nan at 6:05 in the morning today (3rd), and he is currently being sent to Keelung Military Hospital for treatment.

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