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▲ Xu Nan was dissatisfied with Huang Nan's extensive-time period noise, he was angry and lower people today off. (Impression / Display upside down)

Saturday night time was also a hurricane evening, but Keelung town was not quiet previous night (2nd). About 8:30 pm, a 68-yr-previous person named Huang, who lived on Beining Street, was injured by a 66-year-previous neighbor named Xu. It was reported that Xu Nan was dissatisfied with the noise Huang Nan generally tends to make to disturb his slumber, so he stabbed him with a knife whilst having out the trash. Xiang Huang Nan, even though Huang Nan resumed his heartbeat for a while immediately after staying sent to the clinic for support, but finally died from his injuries Xu Nan went to Bisha Port just after committing the criminal offense and plunged into the water less than the floating dock all night time to try to evade the investigation, but the police nonetheless caught him at the Bisha Port yacht dock. early early morning (3rd).

Xu Nan was submerged in the water all night and was arrested early in the morning when he landed.  (Image / Screen upside down)

▲ Xu Nan was immersed in h2o all night time and was arrested when he landed early in the early morning. (Picture / Screen upside down)

It is understood that the two have been close for several decades and there have been lots of conversations in the previous, particularly considering that Xu Nan was dissatisfied with Huang Nan's loud voice. Huang Nan went downstairs to take out the trash past evening. Xu Nan abruptly stabbed him in the neck and upper body a number of moments with a knife. The attack was extremely ruthless. Huang Nan's neck artery was severed and he shed a whole lot of blood and was seriously hurt. He experienced died before he was sent to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. There are signals. While he resumed breathing and coronary heart beating for a although just after the rescue, the doctor gave initially assist all-around 12 in the center of the night time, but he was not able to save Huang Nan and was finally pronounced lifeless.

As for the man nicknamed Xu, the jurisdiction police tracked the avenue and discovered that he had parked his auto next to the Bisha fishing port. He checked the observe and observed that he experienced jumped overboard. He assumed that Xu Nan was getting the criminal offense and committing suicide, but unexpectedly to stay away from the law enforcement, expend the night below the pallets of the pier. Right after a evening of hunting, the police lastly discovered Xu Nan at 6:05 am currently (3rd), and he is now remaining despatched to Keelung Armed service Clinic for procedure.

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