Divorce between Frank and Rogier is final: 'Forget this misery quickly' | NOW

Frank Jansen and Rogier Smit are permanently divorced. Jansen tells this after the lawsuit regarding their divorce, which was served in the court of The Hague on Thursday morning.

"It took a long time", says Jansen, who together with Smit as an interior stylist in the program Palace for a Prikkie could be seen. "The judge has listened carefully to all our stories. It was only about me wanting to be divorced. Rogier tries all kinds of things."

Jansen told Monday in The Telegraph that Smit would only want to sign the papers if he agreed to 10,000 euros in alimony per month. "I'm an older man with a younger ex-partner, who can easily generate his own income. It's crazy that I have to pay alimony? That's not going to happen."

The 76-year-old Jansen filed for divorce two years ago after seventeen years of marriage, shortly after the duo switched from SBS6 to RTL. The two stopped making television because they were unable to talk through their private issues. The collaboration with RTL has since been dissolved.

Jansen is looking forward to the future, now that he is officially single. "It is very different, because I am suddenly alone. But I can now flirt freely with the whole world again. I will do that soon. And quickly forget the misery."

Smit, 47, was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.