Egan Bernal will be operated on again by accident in Cundinamarca: what will they do to him

The Zipaquieño cyclist Egan Bernal assured in the last hours that will have to return to the operating room once the cycling season is over due to a routine operation on his knee, related to the accident he suffered at the beginning of the year and that put his life at risk.

“I have material on my knee because I pulverized it in the accident, it broke into 6 parts and they want to remove it when the season is over. After that I will go to recovery and I will start training”, said the Ineos Grenadiers rider in a interview with Mundo Ciclístico magazine.

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As mentioned by the broker, the operation should not interfere with the competition plans for the last part of the year, but the safest thing is that it affects his recovery for the following campaign. What's more, it will be transcendental for Bernal's objectives, since he plans to return to Tower of Francea race he won in 2019.

And it is that on August 16, Bernal returned to competition after what was a seven-month recovery process as a result of the crash against a bus on a road in Cundinamarca. In fact, A few days ago he said that he was very close to becoming a paraplegic, but fortunately his recovery progressed faster than expected.

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The clinical history says that Bernal suffered fractures in the femur and knee, in vertebrae and several ribs, among others.

“Considering everything that has happened to me, I am very surprised. I am very happy with the physical condition I am in,” Bernal told the sports magazine.

Before returning to the operating room, the winner of the Tour of Italy of last year has assured that he has in mind "three races in Italy" of one day and then in "Croatia, a race of two or three days" and then he will do "a couple of races in Italy" and finish in Lombardy, as he pointed out at the interview.