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the election board [ver cuadro] It mainly presents candidates who have participated in the 2021 General Elections. Moreover, the polls have three former presidential candidates better positioned: Daniel Urresti (Podemos Perú), Rafael López Aliaga (Popular Renovation) and George Forsyth (Somos Perú).

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Among these, Rafael López Aliaga commented to Trade that he will not stop making tours in vulnerable areas, highlighting in his speech that he has management capacity, since he points to this in problems related to food aid in favor of needy families, access to drinking water in high areas of Lima and citizen security.

CandidateIpsos - May 22Ipsos - Jun 22Ipsos - Jul 22Ipsos - Ago 22
Daniel Urresti (We can Peru)20%20%22%26%
Rafael López Aliaga (Popular Renewal)20%18%21%22%
George Forsyth (We are Peru)9%9%9%11%
Elizabeth Leon (Front of Hope)1%1%In others'2%
Gonzalo Alegría (Together for Peru)1%1%In others'2%
Yuri Castro (Free Peru)1%1%In others'2%
Omar Chehade (Alliance for Progress)1%1%In others'2%

Although this last issue is a banner of the campaign of his rival Daniel Urresti, López Aliaga referred: “The speech can have it. One thing is that he speaks and another that he knows. For starters, I know how to get the money.".

One of the candidates with extensive political experience is Omar Chehade (Alliance for Progress). According to what he told this newspaper, he is preparing to create WhatsApp groups to spread his proposals. "Communication is very important, we want to carry out our social plan and plan to fight crime"he asserted.

Its initiatives focus on the fight against citizen insecurity through prevention and repression, job creation, coverage of basic services and better connectivity in the capital through mass transportation.

“I am going to continue going to the most popular areas of Lima, emerging and high areas where there are problems with basic services, such as water and drainage. […] We are talking to the mothers of the common pots, organizations of the glass of milk, we want to listen to their problems and offer them our campaign proposal”narrowed down

Among the new candidates on the electoral scene and with the least intention to vote so far, Elizabeth León (Frente de la Esperanza) commented that she will strengthen her communication strategy via social networks, in order to influence proposals related to citizen security, health, Informal trade, transitability and environment.

“It is necessary to be honest about the use of water to conserve green water, which has a high cost. Supplying water through cisterns is not adequate, we must improve and modernize the garden irrigation system”, raised. He also pointed out that he will carry out more tours in the different districts and assured that he will participate in all the electoral debates to which he is summoned.

This newspaper tried to communicate with other candidates, but it was not possible.

discussion on the way

Precisely, this newspaper was able to learn that the National Directorate of Citizen Education and Civic Training of the National Elections Jury (JNE) has the proposal to hold the debate between the candidates for Mayor of Lima on Sunday, September 25.

To this end, said directorate plans to start next week the meetings with the representatives of the participating political parties in search of a consensus on the date of the event, the themes, times, venue and other details of the organization.

For the political scientist Fernando Tuesta, from this debate there will be greater interest in the electoral process, added to the voter's need for information before going to the polling place. As he explained, a municipal election does not usually arouse enthusiasm among voters a month after its completion, and they are not correlated to national conjunctural issues, such as the current political crisis and fiscal investigations involving President Pedro Castillo.

Although he considered that Daniel Urresti has the advantage of being a good communicator –although this does not always allow him to win–, he maintained: “Nothing is said. Opinion polls show the moment. If Urresti and López Aliaga appear first, it is because they are the best known”. "The menu is not one that necessarily will please the people of Lima, there may be a dispersion of the vote," he also pointed out.

At the beginning of August, the JNE presented the book "Citizenship and electorate in bicentennial Peru, outlining the vote during the 2021 General Elections". One of the aspects that the text points out is that, in recent years, voters have made a decision between a month before the election and up to the very day of the vote.

In that first group, as specified by the electoral entity, is 70% of citizens; that is to say, it is a high percentage of voters who refine their position in the last month of the contest based on political reasons, proposals, affinity with the candidates, their personal characteristics, among others.

For now, the candidates continue with their activities, their dissemination and the information about them is also public. For example, some have reported legal proceedings on their resumes, while the Kuskachay project – which disseminates information on applicants – has reported other cases.

candidatesProfileSocial networksnext activities
Daniel Urresti (We can Peru)– 66 years.
– Former Army Brigadier General, former presidential candidate (2021) and former congressman (2020-2021).
– Reports a sentence for defamation, an oral trial for aggravated homicide and complaints.
– Facebook: Daniel Urresti
– Twitter: @DanielUrresti1
– Instagram: @danielurresti
– Tiktok: @danielurrestielera
– Not yet scheduled due to health problems, according to press personnel.
Rafael López Aliaga (Popular Renewal)– 61 years.
– Businessman, industrial engineer and former presidential candidate (2021).
– The prosecution reported that in July it formalized a preparatory investigation for money laundering.
– Facebook: Rafael López Aliaga
– Twitter: @rlopezaliaga1
– Instagram: @rafaellopezaliagaoficial
– Tiktok: @rafael_lopez_aliaga
– This Friday visits Puente Piedra. On Saturday he will be in Musa, La Molina, and Manchay. On Sunday he has a caravan in San Martin de Porres.
George Forsyth (We are Peru)- 40 years.
– Former presidential candidate (2021), former mayor of La Victoria, Bachelor of Administration.
– He is investigated in the prosecution for embezzlement and incompatible negotiation, as reported by the Kuskachay project.
– Facebook: George Forsyth
– Instagram: @george.forsyth
It was not reported.
Elizabeth Leon (Front of Hope)- 54 years.
- Civil engineering.
– First nomination for popular election.
– Facebook: Ing. Elizabeth Leon - Alcaldesa de Lima– This Saturday he will walk through San Borja, in the morning, and Puente Piedra, in the afternoon. On Sunday he will be in Santa Anita and Surquillo.
Gonzalo Alegría (Together for Peru)- 60 years
– Sociologist and economist, former candidate for Congress (2021), former candidate for mayor of Lima (2010), has militated in different parties.
– According to the Kuskachay project, he has criminal proceedings for bribery.
– Facebook: Gonzalo Alegria
– Twitter: @AlegriaVarona
– Instagram: @gonzalo_alegria_jp
– Tiktok: @GonzaloAlegria
It was not reported.
Yuri Castro (Free Peru)- 41 years.
– Bachelor of Laws, teacher.
– He was elected Andean parliamentarian (2021) and was part of the communications team of the Pedro Castillo campaign.
- Facebook: Yuri Castro
– Twitter: @YuriCastroR
– Instagram: @yuricesarcastroromero
– This Saturday you will visit Los Olivos markets. On Sunday you will have a walk in San Juan de Lurigancho in the morning and an encounter with common pots in the afternoon.
Omar Chehade (Alliance for Progress)- 51 years.
– Lawyer, former congressman (2020-2021 / 2011-2016) and former Vice President of the Republic (resigned in 2012).
– In 2021 he applied unsuccessfully to the Andean Parliament.
– Facebook: Omar Chehade
– Twitter: @OmarChehadeMoya
– Instagram: @omarchehademoya
– This Saturday will visit Salamanca, Ate. On Sunday you will have a walk in Comas.